Treatment for The Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury in Birmingham, AL

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Traumatic brain injury occurs when the head region of the body experiences a hard impact, thus disrupting brain function. The brain function can be disrupted for several reasons including a sudden trauma caused by an accident, bump, or an abrupt blow. The head injury is caused by an act of aggressive impact in terms of something hard-hitting to the head or an object penetrating the head region. It is paramount to get treatment for the effects of traumatic brain injury in Birmingham, AL as it becomes life-threatening. Everyone is at risk of getting a traumatic brain injury. However, children and old people possess more chances to suffer from traumatic brain injury. The head injury damages brain tissues which result in various brain-related problems including concussions, mental state changes, or personality disorders.

A traumatic brain injury could damage the skull, head, brain, or scalp. The severity of traumatic head injury varies from mild to severe depending upon the level of impact, the type of object, and the level of damages to the brain tissues. Effective treatment for the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury in Birmingham, AL is essential as mild traumatic brain injuries may cause abnormality in brain function or unconsciousness for a short period.

However, in cases of severe traumatic brain injury, people can experience long-term coma and unconsciousness. In the United States, one of the major causes of death and long-term disability is a traumatic brain injury. This fact depicts the seriousness as the after-effects of traumatic brain injury can last for few days or it can stay lifelong. The after-effects may include damages to memory, sensations, movement, and emotional changes. Head injuries can either be closed or open depending upon the impact. Open head injuries are caused when an object penetrates the head and the spot of impact can bleed excessively. However, in certain cases, internal bleeding is experienced by patients which becomes immensely threatening. The management and care of such patients become tough and demanding for the families as well.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

According to estimations each year approximately 1.5 million people suffer from traumatic brain injuries in the United States. The findings include people that are hospitalized, experience long-term disability, and unfortunate people who lose their life. Moreover, the importance of immediate treatment for traumatic brain injury is evident. There are 5.3 million people in the United States who are currently suffering from long-term disability caused by traumatic brain injuries. The major causes of these injuries involve:

  • Damage to brain tissues due to accidents or vehicle crashes
  • Brain damage due to assault and physical abuse
  • Falls from a height especially in the elder segment
  • Sports injuries

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

The symptoms of traumatic brain injury may become visible immediately. However, in certain patients, the symptoms are experienced after few days following the impact.

Symptoms of traumatic brain injury can include the following:

  • Mild to severe headaches
  • Lack of balance and spinning sensations
  • Difficulty in controlling bladder movements
  • Experiencing disorientation and compromised cognitive function
  • Spasms and loss of muscle control
  • Paralysis and loss of movement
  • Fluids running through nose or ears
  • Vision issues
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Coma or seizures
  • Memory loss

Diagnosis & Treatment for the Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury in Birmingham

In most cases, the traumatic brain injury becomes evident with the wound. Any impact to the head area is monitored and medical examination is performed to evaluate the occurrence of traumatic brain injury.

There are three methods to diagnose the injury which include:

  • Physically examining the patient to evaluate the senses and balance issues
  • Neuropsychological examination or mental state analysis
  • CT scans and MRIs to identify internal bleeding and brain activity

The treatment for the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury in Birmingham, AL is chosen by medical professionals based on scans and physical examination. The treatment options range from surgical treatment to medical treatment. Minor cases are monitored to detect any possible complications that are developed later.

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It is very important to immediately provide care and treatment for a traumatic brain injury. There is nothing more important than life. Time is everything when it comes to such traumatic injuries.

Treatment for the effects of traumatic brain injury can help your loved ones live a better life. If you ever face this unfortunate event call our Birmingham injury clinic immediately and seek the best professional care for a speedy recovery. We may not be able to stop such unfortunate injuries from happening but we ensure the most effective immediate treatment to help you through them.

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