Common Symptoms of TMJ Injuries after a Car Accident in Birmingham

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Every day there is a new headline about accidents in cities like Birmingham and other developed places. With more accidents, there are more casualties, and TMJ injuries after a car accident in Birmingham, AL are quite common. When a vehicle suddenly hits your car with full force, the whole body of the driver is shaken up and their nerves come under stress. Along with this, there is a high possibility of internal injuries. That is why getting oneself checked after any type of accident is very important. Sometimes there may be no apparent injury but the overall experience can be very traumatic.

An ordinary car accident can have long-lasting effects. Whether someone faces a minor accident or a major one, in both situations people within the vehicle are severely affected. From head injuries to back pain and much more, there are multiple issues faced by the victims of car crashes.

From the screeching sound of cars breaking into each other to the unbearable sight of broken glass and injured people, everything about an accident is terrifying. According to statistics, there were 33,244 fatal vehicle crashes in 2019 and the numbers keep on increasing each year. Therefore, one should be aware of the common injuries faced after crashes, including facial injuries, dental damages, cuts, bruises, and TMJ.

How Can A TMJ Injury Be Caused After a Car Accident in Birmingham, AL?

TMJ is the short form for temporomandibular joints. These are the joints connecting your skull with the jawbone. Being a part of a complex system, they play a pivotal role in every person's life. That is why if you have ever been in any kind of crash, consult your doctor right away so that TMJ injury can be ruled out within time.

Mostly TMJ is the result of whiplash. Even cars traveling at really slow speeds can easily contribute to a whiplash, especially in cases of rear-end accidents. The sudden jerk doesn't only affect the neck and back of a person but also harms body tissues.

The tissues of temporomandibular joints are quite soft and not able to handle extreme forces, which is why even a little stress can cause major damage. In some cases, jaws bear the direct impact causing the muscles around them to weaken. There is another possibility that you might not feel anything at first but no matter how you feel, going to a clinic is necessary.

Common Causes of TMJ Injuries Other Than Whiplash:

Whiplash isn't the only factor contributing to TMJ, there are other several things to consider as well. These include:

  • Acute trauma to the jaw
  • Being punched or kicked
  • Unhealed injuries to the jawline
  • Misaligned bones
  • Teeth grinding
  • Stress

These are the common reasons behind TMJ injuries. Nowadays people might not notice but their anger, stress, and small gestures can have a significant impact on their health.

Common Symptoms of TMJ Injuries:

Sometimes, people suffering from TMJ injuries after a car accident in Birmingham, AL might not visit the doctor because they don't see visible damage. However, one should avoid making such a mistake. That is why a full body checkup by appropriate practitioners is a safer option.

To recognize whether a person suffers from TMJ injury or not, one should check the symptoms. The following list states all the symptoms of TMJ injury:

  • Jaw locking
  • Difficult to bite and chew food items
  • Clicking sound upon opening and closing of the mouth
  • Pain in the face
  • Persistent headaches
  • Ringing noise in ears
  • Constant pain in the back, head, and shoulders
  • Increase in sinusitis
  • Severe dizziness
  • Depression

If someone faces most of these issues listed here, then there is a high possibility that they are facing TMJ injuries.

Getting Tested by Professionals:

There is a chance that you might feel that you have TMJ. However, until and unless you don't consult a professional doctor, you can't conclude. A good doctor uses several methods to identify the issue including testing the nose, eyes, hearing, and looking at the neck and back areas. They might even get an MRI done to be exactly sure. Once the doctor checks you completely, only then can your problem be truly identified.

No matter what kind of injury is sustained by an individual, going to the doctor should be the first priority. In case you have suffered from TMJ injuries after a car accident in Birmingham, AL, contact our experts. From dealing with injuries to conducting surgeries, our clinic provides all kinds of services. Book an appointment with us today to opt for a general checkup.

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