The Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment for Whiplash in Birmingham, AL

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Whiplash is known as neck strain which usually occurs due to rapid back and forth movement in case of a forceful injury. The sudden movement in the neck causes mild to severe damage to the soft tissues, thus leading to neck pain. Whiplash results from various abrupt actions including accidents, physical abuse, falls, or any trauma to the body. Even if the body is stationary at the time of the accident, it is still possible to get whiplash. One should never underestimate this injury as it can get pretty serious. Whiplash can adversely impact the quality of life for a short time period. However, if left untreated, it can lead to long-term physical complications. Bearing this in mind, treatment for whiplash in Birmingham, AL is necessary to avoid long-term complications. People often neglect this injury until they suffer from severe pain and restricted movement. Physical limitations and pain make it difficult to live a normal life.

To better understand why whiplash causes severe pain in the neck, it is vital to analyze the functioning of muscles, ligaments, and tendons around the neck region. With a strong unexpected forceful movement, the muscles overstretch resulting in severe chronic pain in the neck. Tearing and bleeding of muscles and tissues is witnessed in extreme cases of whiplash. Usually, the neck pain initiates right after the forceful impact to the neck. However, surprisingly in some cases, it takes hours or even days after the accident for the pain to the surface. In such a situation, neck pain can get triggered with a slight movement in the neck region. The pain that manifests immediately following the accident requires effective treatment for whiplash to avoid further complications. The treatment for whiplash in Birmingham, AL varies from non-invasive chiropractic treatment to medication and exercise.

Causes of Whiplash

It is estimated that about 1 million people are affected by Whiplash every year around the world. Findings also suggest that most of these cases come from rear-end car crashes. Whiplash can be caused due to any forceful jolt to the neck. Following are the possible causes for whiplash:

  • Car Accidents despite the use of seatbelt and a headrest. As the head can still move back and forth rapidly, rupturing or damaging the soft tissues of the neck
  • Sports Injuries from contact sports involving other players
  • Falling Injury from slipping or falling from a height
  • Physical Abuse that causes sudden movement in the head

Common Whiplash Symptoms

The common whiplash symptoms that most people experience includes:

  • Neck stiffness making it difficult to perform routine activities
  • Moderate to severe pain in the neck region that remains consistent or gets triggered
  • Experiencing anxiety and confusion
  • Restricted movement in the neck region; You can't move beyond a certain position.
  • Blurred vision and feeling dizzy
  • Muscle contractions including uncontrolled muscle movements
  • Experiencing a loss of memory or unable to track past activities
  • Experiencing tiredness and lack of energy
  • Mild to moderate headaches

Chronic Whiplash Symptoms:

  • Irritation due to excessive pain
  • Sleep disorders including difficulty in sleeping
  • Migraines and severe headaches triggered by neck stiffness
  • Chronic pain in the neck region
  • Moderate to severe pain in shoulders depending upon the impact
  • Loss of memory and difficulty in tracking past activities
  • Lack of focus

Treatment for Whiplash in Birmingham, AL Can Fix the Problem

Immediate medical attention is required when the symptoms extend to the arms. In case of complete restricted movement, you may not be able to move your head or experience numbness in the shoulders. Effective medical care is immensely significant for the Treatment for Whiplash in Birmingham, AL. One size does not fit all. Similarly, the treatment varies depending on factors which include the level of impact, the type of accident, and the severity of tissue damage.

In the same way, the recovery time period also depends upon the severity of the injury. For this reason, it is very essential to get an accurate and timely diagnosis along with medical Treatment for Whiplash in Birmingham, AL. Through proper care and treatment, the pain can be relieved and the movement can be regained. To relieve pain faster, chiropractic services are available to enhance the range of motion and lower the pain intensity.

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It is necessary to seek professional medical care after accidental injuries. If you experience symptoms of whiplash, don't undermine its consequences. Call us immediately, we will provide you the best possible medical care when it comes to Treatment for Whiplash in Birmingham, AL. We may not be able to save you from an accident but we are here to provide the best treatment to relieve your pain.

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