Sciatica After an Auto Accident in Birmingham, AL

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Sciatica is a set of symptoms that may be caused by severe trauma to the sciatic nerves. People facing auto accidents in Birmingham, AL often tend to develop this condition. The reason being that such fatal accidents directly damage nerves. It's correct to say that sciatica is not a condition itself. Rather a symptom of other injuries. Spinal issues push sciatic nerves to such an extent that they start to cause excessive pain and irritation. From the pelvis to the toe, any part of the lower body can be affected by sciatic attacks.

A person experiencing any type of pain or numbness needs to visit a medical practitioner. Ignoring your condition could worsen it; so get treated within time. Especially when involved in any kind of accident, the first thing to do is to visit a doctor.

Our bodies are sensitive and even slight jerks can cause massive fractures to them. Getting a full body checkup from a renowned medical institute helps to eliminate the threat of sciatica. Almost 40% of the entire population faces the common issue of sciatic pain. It is also said that every person faces this medical condition once in their lifetime. The probability is higher in older people or those who have chronic back pain. With the help of symptoms, people can decide on whether they have sciatica or not.

How to Check for Symptoms of Sciatica After an Auto Accident in Birmingham, AL?

The sciatic nerve is the largest in our body and controls the functionality of the legs and feet. Often the victims of auto accidents in Birmingham, AL suffer from multiple injuries and nerve compressions. The result is sciatic pain and irritation. If treated properly, its effects can be eliminated. The common signs to be on the lookout for include:

  • Excruciating pain in the lower spine that keeps on increasing with time
  • Feelings similar to electric shocks in the legs
  • Constant pain in one leg or both
  • A pain that can be described as a burning sensation or mild ache
  • Numbness in feet or legs along with a sensation of pins and needles
  • Loss of bowel movement/bladder issues also termed as CES
  • Decreased ability to walk or severe weakness

If someone faces these issues, they need to set an appointment with an experienced chiropractor or general doctor.  Without medical attention, sciatica would lead to restricted movement. Even changing your posture could induce sharp pains. Without medical attention, the quality of your lifestyle would decrease.

Common Causes of Sciatica:

As told earlier, sciatica pain is the result of an injury. The prominent effect is on the lower half of your body. From the buttock region to the toe of each leg, sciatic nerves cover almost everything. That is why treating sciatica pain is troublesome. Injuries and shocks affect these nerves greatly. In some cases, the effects can also be permanent. Conditions that cause sciatica are:

  • Herniated Disk:

Cartilage rips can lead to herniated disks. This in turn releases pressure that causes the sciatic nerve to compress. A person suffering from a herniated disk is at great risk for developing sciatic pain in the legs.

  • Spinal Stenosis:

Also known as lumbar spinal stenosis, it is a condition where the lower spinal canal starts to narrow down. The narrowing process puts pressure on the spinal cord and sciatic nerves.

  • Minor or Major Fractures:

Accidents can cause multiple kinds of fractures and injuries. If your backbone or slip disc was harmed during a crash then there is a high possibility that it will affect sciatic nerves too.

Other than these reasons, muscle strains and jerks can also aggravate the problem.

Preferred Treatment Options for Sciatica Resulting from a Car Accident:

Treatment options for sciatica resulting from any kind of car accident vary depending on its severity. If the lower back sustained deep injuries then prolonged therapy and medication would be required. Whereas for minor sciatica pain, one doesn't need to panic. This type of discomfort vanishes with time. Some common treatment options are:

  1. Using anti-inflammatory drugs
  2. Taking nerve relaxers
  3. Physical therapy
  4. Lower back surgeries

Without medical intervention, individuals would suffer from pain. So, it's important to opt for one of these options after consulting a specialist.

Contacting the Best Medical Practitioners in Town

Auto accidents in Birmingham, AL, or anywhere else in the world have detrimental effects on the victims. Sciatic pain is also an unwanted after-effect of this incident. When left untreated, the pain could multiply and affect your ability to walk. Therefore, get in touch with the best practitioners near you.

AlaMed injury clinic has experienced doctors who have dealt with hundreds of similar cases. We will carry out all the necessary tests, perform a thorough checkup and come up with the best possible solution. From injection services to therapy sessions, everything is available at our clinic.

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