Pinched Nerves after Car Accidents in Columbus, GA

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Pinched nerves can severely impact a person's quality of life. Car accidents in Columbus, GA happen daily. A large number of people suffer due to minor and major car crashes. From broken bones to fractured legs, bruised arms, and dislocated joints, an accident can result in so many injuries. However, along with these visible injuries, there are to an extent some hidden problems as well.

Some injuries are not visible but have a great impact on the body. The stress and adrenaline rush might not let you notice these issues at that moment but they will surely show themselves in time. Amongst these ignored issues, a pinched nerve is an injury that isn't given any attention but needs to be dealt with properly. In case, someone shows negligence, they could experience several unwanted aftereffects.

Columbus faces a high number of accidents each year. In 2019 almost 20 fatal accidents were registered. More than a dozen people died whereas many experienced major injuries. Families lost their loved ones and most people suffered without being at fault.

The negligence of one person can wreak havoc in the lives of others and that is exactly what is happening with each passing day. Thus, a victim needs to pay attention to their symptoms and pain. Getting immediate treatment after an accident is of utmost importance so even if someone doesn't want any kind of treatment, at least get a full body checkup.

How a Car Accident in Columbus, GA Can Lead to Pinched Nerves:

Pinched nerves can be detected by one major symptom and that is numb body parts. If someone feels that their hands or legs are falling asleep then they probably have a pinched nerve. Just like sitting too long on the feet cause them to lose sensation because the nerves are compressed and can't function properly.

Still, these nerves which are pinched due to sitting or standing in one position for too long can quickly heal when the position is changed. Whereas nerves damaged due to accidents need medical attention. When a victim feels that the issue persists for a longer time and isn't going away then the issue is not simple anymore.

The following accidents result in pinched nerves:

  • Whiplash:

Whiplash is the result of both, major and minor car accidents in Columbus, GA. A majority of the victims suffer from this issue. The main reason being that seat belts and airbags may protect the body but don't stop the head from experiencing violent jerks. A rear-end accident could cause the head to shift forward and affect major nerves.

  • Neck Sprains:

Accidents cause strain not only on the body but also on the nerves. Neck sprains are very common because there isn't any protective gear for them. Sometimes, the damage is so extreme that muscles swell up and ultimately pinch the sensitive nerves.

  • Herniated Disc:

The spine and the surrounding discs are easily affected by collisions. An Extreme force causes the discs to slide out of place and bulge outwards. Since these discs are now not aligned properly anymore, it puts pressure on the nerves. In some cases, spinal fluid also starts to leak.

  • Trauma:

Any kind of trauma such as blunt force trauma affects the head, shoulder, back, and other body parts. The sudden impact compresses the nerves and makes the area numb. It can be followed by inflammation if not treated properly.

How to Detect a Pinched Nerve:

Bruises and fractures show up instantly but the same can't be said for pinched nerves. Such a condition takes hours or maybe even days to show. It's more evident once the victim is out of shock completely. Usually, pain is the first symptom of this condition followed by a tingling sensation. Most people describe it as a “pins and needles” sensation. Slowly that part starts to feel numb and cold. In extreme cases, victims lose movement as well but spasms and numbing is a more common symptom.

Treatment Plans to Consider for Pinched Nerves:

Trained medical professionals can help you in this matter. They have experience in the field and can efficiently deal with a pinched nerve. Their initial step is to determine the degree to which the nerve is affected and then move towards a treatment option. There are various options such as physical therapy, surgery, and medication. Any one of these is chosen based on the situation's complexity.

Visit AlaMed Injury Clinic:

If you have recently been in a car accident in Columbus, GA then immediately get checked by our renowned doctors. Our chiropractors can commence treatment for your pinched nerves right away. They help relieve the unwanted pressure without letting you feel any pain.

Moreover, our methods are different than others. At our clinic, we use therapeutic massages and various adjustment techniques to fix your problem. Get an appointment today and meet our professionals for the best possible treatment.

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