The Most Dangerous Types of Car Accidents in Birmingham, AL

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Car accidents have become a common part of our lives. Every day or every week, we witness dozens of crashes. Some affect us directly, while some don't. No matter how minor car accidents in Birmingham, AL, might be, they can have a serious impact on multiple lives. Some individuals receive massive amounts of injury, and others get a few stitches at most.

When it comes to Birmingham, the statistics for car crashes remain high. Having some of the busiest roads, this city is jam-packed with cars all the time. Therefore, if you or your loved one suffer in a crash, immediately seek medical attention and file a complaint. Birmingham reports the maximum number of accidents every year. In 2018, there were a total of 30,141 motor vehicle accidents. Some people lost their lives, and thousands suffered physical trauma.

However, certain kinds of accidents are far more serious than others. Some crashes like rear-end collisions cause minimum damage. There are several types of accidents faced by the people of Birmingham every day. Thus, it's necessary to be careful on the road and be aware of your surroundings. Most importantly, get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible so that you can get a proper checkup. Often crashes result in internal injuries which need urgent treatment.

The Types of Car Accidents in Birmingham, AL:

Amongst so many types of car accidents in Birmingham, the following are termed as the more dangerous ones. These either result in multiple fatalities or permanent damages to the body. The list includes:

  • Head-On-Collisions:

Head-on collisions are the leading factor for fatalities. Such accidents are deadly because they include a huge impact. Upon that, if someone is driving at high speed and without a seatbelt, the outcome is worse. Even people driving at moderate speeds can suffer massive physical trauma when hit by a car coming from the front.

Those who experience head-on collisions face spinal injuries, head injuries, rib cracks, facial cuts and bruises, loss of limbs, organ failure, lacerations, whiplash, fractures, and bone damage. Such car accidents in Birmingham, AL are often an outcome of distracted driving. Drivers should make sure that their complete attention is on the road in front of them so that innocent people do not suffer harm.

  • Pile-Ups:

Pile-ups occur when more than one car is affected by a crash. Sometimes a two-car crash creates a chain reaction. The incoming vehicles collide with the affected cars causing massive pileups. If such a crash takes place, then the rate of fatalities and injuries increases substantially. Vehicles approaching a pile-up at high speed are not able to avoid the crash site thus it's better to drive slowly on busy roads. You never know when a pile-up might occur dragging along your car.

  • T-Bone Collision:

Such an accident occurs when the driver does not follow traffic rules or ignores signals. There are many instances where an individual runs through an intersection and strikes the incoming vehicle from the front. For this reason, people are advised to strictly follow traffic rules so that they do not put themselves and others at risk.

Side collisions are dangerous than other types because the sides of a vehicle have little cushioning. They cannot offer any protection to the people within the car. Even the doors are unable to absorb the force, thus being a more dangerous scenario. From severe head trauma to fractures and dislocations, anything can be an outcome of a T-bone collision.

  • Rollover Accidents:

Certain vehicles have a high gravity center. Thus, these vehicles have a higher chance of toppling over. Jeeps and SUVs are the two perfect examples of such vehicles. If these vehicles are involved in a rollover crash, then the after-effects are severe. Occupants can sustain severe injuries or lose their lives at the spot.

Getting in Touch with an Experienced Medical Practitioner:

Car accidents in Birmingham, AL, can have deadly outcomes. Thus, it's of utmost importance to get medical help at the right time. Whatever type of crash you might have been in, get a complete body checkup right after it. Sometimes wounds do not show up instantly but affect a person's health. You can avoid unnecessary complications through proper examination.

At our center, you will find experienced doctors who perform in-depth physical exams. Only after testing, will they suggest the right solution. Our chiropractors are even great at putting back your dislocated shoulders and arms. With AlaMed you can find easy non-surgical solutions in no time. Call us today to set up a one-to-one appointment with the best doctors in town.

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