Living with PTSD After a Car Crash in Birmingham, AL

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Research shows that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or more commonly known as PTSD. PTSD after a car crash in Birmingham, AL could be dangerous for some as they might not be able to get free of the trauma for a long time. For some resuming normal life becomes more difficult.

According to a study by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 39.2 percent of people suffer from PTSD after they have experienced a motor vehicle accident. If one feels that he/she might be suffering from this state after a major accident, then they can reach out for help. This is pivotal for their mental health but first, it is important to understand what exactly PTSD is and how it can impact your life?

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

A person might be suffering from this condition if he/she is unable to get over their traumatic experience even after a very long time. For example, you have been in a car crash and months have passed but you are still not able to sit in a car. You fear going on the road and seeing anything similar brings back horrible memories. There is a constant bad feeling, and one might even struggle to sleep.

Such a situation is categorized as a classic case of PTSD. In this condition, the patient feels helpless. In some cases, people can even get terrified by something as minor as horn honking. Unfortunately, a lot of people experience this state but their symptoms go unnoticed.

PTSD after a car crash has become very common in Alabama because the state experiences more than 130,000 accidents every year. Thus, hundreds of citizens go through this disease but are unable to get a cure.

What Can Trigger PTSD After a Car Crash in Birmingham, AL?

Several factors can contribute towards increasing your chances of experiencing PTSD after a car crash. These include,

1. Family History:

If there is a history of psychotic behavior in one's family, they are more prone to such problems. Genetics can play a huge part in triggering PTSD in an individual.

2. History of Prior Trauma:

If one has witnessed a major accident in their childhood, then the memories of the past could trigger their PTSD even after several years. One might have an accident at 35 but memories of the accident they experienced at 5 or 6 years of age might come back very strongly. This would amplify their trauma. Researches show that many children in Alabama, Birmingham tend to experience this state later on in their life. One out of ten children have undergone an accident early on and the memories haunt them for a long time.

3. High Level of Emotions:

Some people experience a high level of emotions for example they immediately get angry or start crying. Such people are again more susceptible to problems like PTSD because they have underlying mental health issues that can get triggered.

What Are Some Key Symptoms?

An emotional reaction or breakdown after a crisis is completely normal but if one experiences repeated trauma or fear, then it could be categorized as alarming. Some clear symptoms of PTSD should not be ignored and in case anyone experiences something of this sort then they should seek professional help as soon as possible.

  • Negative Thinking:

The first clear sign of PTSD after a car crash in Birmingham, AL is negative thinking. One starts believing that something bad will happen to them no matter what. They don't feel protected and there is a constant sense of insecurity.

  • Avoiding Situations:

Another major indication is avoidance behavior. Individuals suffering from PTSD tend to avoid going to places or meet people that can trigger their bad memories. They will not talk about it or express their emotion but will suppress everything inside them that can make life very tough for them.

  • Emotional Reactions:

Research has proven that people experiencing PTSD are more likely to give violent reactions because they become emotionally volatile. Therefore, they lose their ability to control their behavior. They can quickly become aggressive and might not be able to control their anger.

What to Do?

If one is undergoing PTSD after a car crash in Birmingham, AL, then they might feel completely helpless. Most of the time, it is difficult to articulate what they are experiencing because emotions are piled up inside. In such cases, it is crucial to seek medical assistance.

This is not just important for your mental health but the well-being of your family too. By contacting professional injury clinics like ours, you can reduce your suffering and be treated easily. They will not just provide you the necessary support but would make the recovery smooth for you.

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