Treatment for Knee Injuries After a Car Accident in Columbus, GA

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Seeing a car accident in Columbus, GA these days is much more common than it was in the past. From minor collisions to major accidents, individuals residing in Columbus experience quite a lot. Moreover, the number of injuries associated with these accidents is far too many to count. People involved in any kind of accident know how painful the experience is. The screeching sound of tires and screams of the people become a part of the survivor's memory.

Some lose their loved ones while some suffer physical pain. Amongst the long list of injuries, head injury, backbone injury, facial scars, and knee injuries are the most common ones. Individuals also complain of short-term memory loss, blurred vision, and headaches.

Even with strict checks, the authorities in Columbus, GA are unable to prevent such disasters. According to officials, in 2018, more than 650 traffic fatalities occurred in Columbus, GA. Some people who were fortunate enough to survive suffered from severe injuries. We can't forget that with these injuries come high medical bills but without proper medical attention, the situation might get worse. For this reason, all experts advise victims of crashes to have thorough body checkups. There is a high possibility that a hidden fracture or knee injury might show up.

How a Car Accident in Columbus, GA can Cause Serious Knee Injuries:

More than 50 % of drivers in Columbus complain of knee pain after an accident. Knees suffer the most in crashes. The biggest reason is that either the knee was positioned unusually or the other car crashed from the front. Head-on-collisions cause knees to slam into the dashboard or steering. In such a situation, intrusion impacts fracture of the knee bone and sometimes causes permanent damage. Everything happens so quickly that the driver doesn't have time to respond. Amongst all types of accidents, the following have the worst impact upon your knees:

  • T-bone accident
  • Sideways collision into fixed objects
  • Head-on-collision

Any one of these can cause massive damage to the inner bone and muscle.

What Are the Symptoms of Knee Injury?

As told earlier some injuries do take a few days to show after a car accident in Columbus, GA. However, their symptoms can start to show right after the crash. Even if a person doesn't want to visit the hospital, they can monitor their condition. In case of knee injuries, the following symptoms help you decide upon your condition.

  1. Changes in body temperature
  2. Pain
  3. Swelling
  4. Loss of color near the knee
  5. Unable to walk for long distances
  6. Popping sounds from the knee

Common Types of Knee Injuries:

A knee joint is made up of bones, ligaments, and cartilage. After a crash, any of these three things could be injured or the entire structure could be damaged. The following injuries are the common ones amongst all types of knee injuries:

1. Simple Knee Fracture:

Bone damage results in fractures. It could be a hairline fracture or a completely cracked bone. In both cases, only the bone is affected. A plaster could solve the problem. A few months of bed rest would make things better.

2. Dislocation:

Sudden jerks push or pull the bones out of place. Minor dislocations don't require treatment as they pop back into place within a few days. However, major dislocations require immediate medical attention along with surgery.

3. Sprain:

Overstretching of ligaments can cause temporary sprains. Rest and keeping the knee warm is the best solution for this kind of injury.

4. Kneecap Injury:

Direct trauma such as the knees hitting the dashboard result in a patella or kneecap injury. This injury is accompanied by bruising, swelling, and sometimes fractures. The treatment options also vary. In some cases, a cast could fix the issue if the damage isn't severe.

Treating Knee Pain in Columbus, GA:

The treatment options for a knee injury depend on the amount of damage received by the knee in the car accident in Columbus. Some patients require casts while some need immediate surgeries. It completely depends on the intensity of the injury. For sprains and hairline fractures a simple cast could solve the problem. On the other hand, people with severe dislocations, broken bones, or knee cap injuries could need surgery.

After suffering from a car accident in Columbus, GA, or anywhere else, one should immediately contact a nearby medical center. That way your problem can be identified before things get worse. Moreover, you obtain valid medical proof to gain compensation from the other side.

Choosing the Best Injury Clinic in Columbus, GA:

A seasoned doctor immediately knows about their patient's problems. That is why contacting an experienced professional is important. At our place, we take extra care of victims of a car accident in Columbus, GA. AlaMed Injury Clinics focuses on identifying the problem and deriving a solution for it. Our experienced medical teams conduct a thorough investigation to find the intensity of the damage. Once you chose our services, you won't look anywhere else.

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