Hidden Injuries from a Car Accident in Birmingham, AL

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We have a common concept that injuries are always visible; especially, after a car accident. However, that isn't the case in many instances. If you have been in a car accident in Birmingham, AL, you might be feeling devastated even if you are not injured.

Car accidents happen every day. And they result in a catastrophe most of the time. It is estimated that every year, 38,000 people die from road crashes every year in the U.S.

While you are focusing on the financial costs and compensation claim process, chances are you are not paying attention to the hidden injuries that you might have experienced. Even if there are no visible cuts, bruises, or other injuries, it is crucial to visit a doctor and get a checkup.

Hidden Injuries to Look for After a Car Accident:

Here are the 5 hidden injuries that you must look for after a car accident in Birmingham, AL:

1. Psychological Injury:

While some people can handle an auto accident well, for other people, a car accident can be a traumatic experience. It can arise a driving or road fear in a person that is also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Therefore, it is important to visit a skilled psychologist as your mental health is as important as your physical health. The coping techniques will help you gain your confidence in driving back.

While your car accident attorney is working on the compensation process, your therapy session bill will also be added to your medical expenses presented to the insurance company. At such a time, do not take any risks and get yourself checked at the earliest to avoid any long-term effects.

2. Shoulder Injuries:

When you experience an accident, whether big or small, chances are that it will put heavy pressure on your shoulders. Your shoulders are jolted during a car crash leading to shoulder and neck injuries. The pains might not be felt right away but after a few hours or days, you may feel muscle damage. Therefore, it is crucial to visit a doctor right after your accidents even if there are no visible signs of any injuries. Getting a timely checkup will save you from long-term pains and suffering.

3. Internal Knee Damage:

Another reason to get yourself or your loved ones checked up after a car collision is for any internal knee damage. With the pressure from a collision, the knee can be jolted by hitting the dashboard. You might not feel the pain right away but it can lead to long-term knee damage if left untreated. Even the little bruises and scrapes should be taken seriously at such a time.

4. Headaches:

Although headaches are common after a car accident, they should not be left unchecked. Having headaches continuously might be a sign of serious health issues such as traumatic brain injury. If are suffering from headaches from a car accident in Birmingham, make sure to get in touch with experienced doctors.

5. Abdominal Pains:

Last but not least, your hidden injuries might be causing you abdominal pains. Most of the time, injuries appear physically but sometimes, there can be internal damages and bleeding. Continuous abdominal pains, cramps, and swelling are the signs that you might be suffering from an internal injury. Make sure to seek medical care at your earliest so that you can save yourself from suffering from long-term health issues.

The Importance of Getting a Prompt Checkup after a Car Accident in Birmingham, AL

A car collision can be an overwhelming situation for you and your loved ones. While you are paying attention to the repair bills and deductibles, delaying your medical checkup may seem the right option to you but it is not. Seeking medical care can also be expensive depending on your injury and the time period needed to recover. Just like it is better to hire an auto accident attorney to claim a lawsuit, you should prioritize your mental and physical health by opting for medical treatment. Your injuries may not be appearing to you right away but chances are you might be suffering from internal injuries. If the hidden injuries are not treated timely, they can lead to serious health issues in the future.

Turn to AlaMed Injury Clinics:

If you or your loved ones have been suffering from pains after a car accident in Birmingham, AL, get in touch with AlaMed Injury Clinics. Our medical professionals are here to provide you with the best medical treatment that you deserve. We understand how hidden injuries can cause you a lifetime of health issues which is why we are available round the clock to provide you with the best medical care.

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