Treating a Broken Bone in Birmingham, AL: The Basics

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Everyone wants to enjoy a healthy and happy life. However, unfortunate injuries such as minor bumps, bruises, or broken bones cannot be avoided. Treatment for a broken bone injury in Birmingham, AL becomes stressful due to pain especially when you see your loved ones suffering from it. Usually, kids are involved in such activities. A good example of this could be sports injuries which can lead to broken bones. Similarly, in the elder group slips, falls or car accidents can result in broken bone injuries.

Any injury could lead to a complete fracture of a bone or a minor one. After any impact or accident, one should immediately undergo an X-ray to determine the level of damages to the bone. Broken bones cause swelling and sharp pain which can get worse with time if left untreated. X-rays are examined by an orthopedics doctor to evaluate any possible dislocation of a bone.

After sustaining an impact on the bones, if a person can move their arms and legs but experiences pain then it is always recommended to get it checked. In severe cases, fractures can lead to severe nerve damage or blood vessel damage. This could cause a chronic condition. In such circumstances, one should rush to a hospital emergency. Moreover, certain bones are broken in a way that the road to recovery requires rods and screws to stabilize the deformity.

In severe accidents, it is advisable to immediately call an ambulance and seek medical care. Pain-relieving medications and sprays are used to reduce pain for the time being. However, major accidents might require surgery in extreme cases. Approximately 6 million people suffer from a broken bone injury each year.

Pain & Soreness When It Comes to a Broken Bone

Pain and soreness are the most common symptoms experienced in the first few days after a broken bone injury. The pain is catered to by over-the-counter pain relievers and other medications provided by the doctor. The pain can last for a long period. Initial treatment allows the bone to remain in place by using a brace or splint. This allows the swelling to decrease and then cast is applied to the broken bone. The broken bone is kept elevated and the patients are prescribed complete rest for optimum recovery.

Treatment & Care for Fractures

It is necessary to keep a sharp eye on the fingers and toes while catering to a broken bone injury in Birmingham, AL. If the blood supply is stopped or gets hindered due to nerve damage the toes or fingers can swell. You might be able to identify color changes or experience numbness if this is the case.

For the treatment, a cast is used over the broken bone to keep it intact and allow it to heal. However, swelled toes and fingers could be a sign that the cast is too tight which might require the doctor's attention. Moreover, after a while, it is required to use a stress ball to wiggle the fingers and toes to facilitate blood supply. The changes to the padding of the cast should always be done by the doctor to avoid skin irritation, rashes, infection, or delayed recovery. The cast must be kept clean and free from dirt as well as being kept away from water. If it gets wet, it is necessary to visit a doctor and get it changed.

It is better to be prepared for unfortunate injuries and potential possibilities for better health care because such emergencies require prompt decision-making. Highly equipped hospitals that excel in technology and experience are paramount to provide effective care and treatment. Years of training and experience allow specialists to provide the patients with accurate emergency treatment.

A proper diagnosis and treatment plan is necessary for setting a foot in the right direction of the healing process. Staying calm and focusing on reaching the hospital immediately will help you in relieving your pain as early as possible.

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Our top priority is to help you feel better and pain-free. Even in the case of minor injuries, taking the injury lightly can lead to a devastating impact on your quality of life by bringing chronic pain and deformities. Educating yourself beforehand is a very crucial step towards recovery in case of an accident.

If you or your loved ones require medical attention, our facility is fully equipped and specialized in catering to a broken bone Injury in Birmingham, AL for emergencies.

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