The Link Between Mental Health & Physical Trauma in Birmingham, AL

Majority of the people are aware that stressful situations and emotional trauma can cause mental health problems. However, experiencing physical trauma in Birmingham, AL can also lead to many serious problems. It can easily trigger mental health conditions leading to psychological disorders that may impact you for the rest of your life. You cannot directly identify whether mental, emotional, or physical harm is leading to the mental illness. The trauma victims may identify these three components.

A strong link exists between physical trauma and mental health. The injuries you suffer from an accident can directly harm your mind as well. Often people ignore treating the mental distress rather they only focus on the physical harm. Treating mental health is equally important. Not all injuries result in mental health problems but a majority of them do.

Impact of Injuries & Physical Trauma in Birmingham, AL:

Physical trauma in Birmingham, AL can be caused due to work-related injuries, vehicle accidents, or sports injuries. In the US, there were 48.3 million injuries reported in 2019.

Athletes earn their livelihood from sports. Injuries may result in sidelining some very promising athletes. It can have a huge negative impact on their mind. Being in sports, they consider themselves as competitors and once they realize they won't be able to execute physical activity due to sports injury it demotivates them.

The majority of the mental health issues associated with sports injuries may surface soon after the injury, whereas some people don't experience the symptoms for a while. Mental distress can be experienced immediately or after regaining physical activity.

Minor sports injuries heal efficiently whereas serious injuries may trigger complicated mental health issues. Athletes may consider themselves as a failure and avoid the treatment. Such coping strategies result in eating disorders, depression, and other severe issues. Your cognitive abilities can be negatively impacted due to this type of injury.

Accidents can become extremely traumatic. The injuries may range from a minor sprain to broken bones or even brain damage. Minor injuries heal faster. However, the financial burden due to huge medical bills, property damages, lost wages, and vehicle repair expenses may leave you under a tremendous amount of stress.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:

If you experience any trauma, you can suffer from PTSD. Anxiety is one of its many symptoms. You may also experience nightmares, flashbacks, and avoidance. PTSD causes people to fear returning to the place where they suffered the trauma. Any trigger can cause a flashback to the person which makes them think they are reliving the same situation again.

Constant fear, flashbacks, and intrusive thoughts can make the life of a person extremely difficult. The person may feel they lack control over their life. Some of the people experience hyperarousal to prevent themselves from future threats regarding similar condition whereas the others try to remember the incident.

It takes time until you forget the injury and the incident. Suffering from injuries becomes highly stressful for people with PTSD. Physical injuries can cause PTSD. However, this condition can lead to further complications such as respiratory disorders, digestive disorders, and cardiovascular problems.


Even mild brain injury can lead to depression and PTSD. Certain injuries cause more impact on mental health than others. For instance, there are fewer chances to suffer from depression due to a sprain. However, brain injury can have a direct impact on your mental condition.

Majority of the people suffering from brain injury experience depression. Relapse of depression is very common for 20-30 years. People suffering from depression experience difficulty in socializing and performing routine tasks. Constantly experiencing sadness, mood swings and fatigue are all symptoms of depression. Traumatic brain injuries can affect your memory and learning. The sudden life changes can be devastating.

Treatment Options:

It is essential to treat the physical injuries along with psychological issues to completely heal and recover mental health. It is advised to either eliminate or reduce the symptoms of a mental condition. Successful recovery is impossible without treating both physical and mental conditions.

CBT treatment approach is suggested for severe depression and neurological physical treatment is suggested for TBI. Prolonged exposure therapy and stress training are beneficial for PTSD patients. The symptomatic treatment requires anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication to subside the symptoms.

Get Mentally Stable While Healing from Physical Injuries:

Physical trauma in Birmingham, AL, and mental health are intertwined. It is necessary to speak with an experienced doctor for the treatment plan. Many people struggle with psychological problems post-injury. Our vast network allows patients to connect with doctors and attain a comprehensive medical treatment plan for both mental and physical health conditions.

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