Constant Headaches After a Car Accident in Birmingham, AL; What to Do About It?

A lot of people have reported having headaches after a car accident in Birmingham, AL. According to statistics, in 2019 there were 38,800 deaths from car crashes in the U.S. Despite a 2% decrease from the year before, these astonishing figures reveal that car accidents happen a lot more than anyone would want.

Headaches are the common after-effect of a brutal car accident. These can be extremely taxing for the body and may have a debilitating impact on your health. People are often seen as being negligent about headaches and don't visit doctors for post-trauma consultation even after multiple episodes of migraines. This could potentially ruin their life because mild headaches could lead to something much more dangerous.

Although people rush to the hospital after an accident what they forget is to visit the doctor even after recovery. This is important to ensure that there isn't a post-accident injury or problem. Headaches are one such symptom of post-accident trauma. There could be various types of headaches depending on the type of injury one has faced during an accident.

Types of Headaches:

Here are some of the most common headaches that can occur:

1. Concussion Headache:

Accidents can cause a violent blow to the head region. The brain is protected by Cerebrospinal fluid that prevents it from hitting the walls of the skull. However, in a major accident; the brain can collide with the skull wall. This could lead to internal bruising. Eventually, an individual can face nausea, dizziness, and confusion. In extreme cases, there might be memory loss.

2. Spasm Headaches:

Spasm headaches are caused when muscles of the neck, head, or upper back are damaged. Due to a sudden jerk, there could be a strain in the back muscles. This could hamper motion and make movement extremely difficult. A common side effect is a headache as well. The entire upper back region could be under stress due to the accident. This can cause pain in multiple areas.

3. Fracture Headaches:

If there is a fracture in the skull or neck area, then it can cause severe headaches. Although there might be not any visible brain damage, there can still be persistent headaches.  The severity of the ache depends on the extent of the fracture. In serious cases, one could experience constant vomiting, memory loss, slurred speech, and even seizures.

What to Do if One Has Headaches After a Car Accident in Birmingham, AL:

Headaches after a car accident in Birmingham, AL are reported as a serious problem. People are unaware of the course of action they should follow if they face persistent headaches. There are a few essential steps that one should immediately take if they face such a situation:

  • Get Examined by a Professional Doctor:

Time is the most important factor when it comes to diagnosis. If you tend to ignore your symptoms and pain, it could have repercussions on your health. If one is experiencing pain then consultation with a professional doctor must be booked as soon as possible. Self-medication could be very harmful in cases of headaches. It is vital that you visit your doctor timely and got some tests done to eliminate all doubts.

  • Rigorously Follow Treatment Plans:

Once you have consulted an expert at a personal injury clinic then the next step is following the treatment plan. It is crucial that all prescribed medications are taken timely and tests are done regularly. The treatment for auto accident injuries can be an extensive one hence it's important that one remains patient and meticulously follows the plan. If there is any confusion then one should immediately contact the doctor instead of making decisions on their own. Different medicines can have a different impact on your health. Therefore, it's crucial that you only take the ones that are prescribed by a professional.

  • Make The Best Use of an Insurance Plan:

The recovery stage is mentally and financially challenging. It can exhaust an individual and may compel them to not even follow a treatment plan. If one wants to avoid all such experiences then they must have good insurance coverage. Insurance can save you from a lot of trauma and ensure that you get the best treatment options without a lot of hassle.

Headaches after a car accident in Birmingham, AL can be very difficult. Support from hospital staff can ease this healing process.

At AlaMed we treat every patient with the utmost care. If you or your loved ones have experienced a head injury or are going through a tough medical condition, then get in touch with us today.

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