Exercises for Back and Neck Pain after Birmingham Auto Accident

With each passing day, the number of Birmingham auto accidents increases. It's becoming more dangerous to drive on roads and highways. With every car crash, there are many associated injuries and deaths. Many individuals have to face physical pain and emotional trauma. The pain can go on for years especially if it's associated with the neck and back. Being a victim isn't easy, you go through several issues even due to a minor rear-end collision. That is why drivers need to be more cautious on the road. Even after constant reminders, there is no decrease in the number of crashes. A Birmingham auto accident will always end up injuring a person or two. If you are lucky, then you might not need extensive treatment. However, in most cases, survivors require medical attention. Some people need years of therapy to get back to their original shape. Nowadays, doctors have better methods and exercises which help patients to recover in a shorter span.

In 2014, Birmingham, AL, faced more than 8000 accidents. These crashes included rear-end collisions, pile-ups, and many other types. Thousands of drivers faced life-threatening injuries while dozens lost their lives. All of this happened because some drivers were negligent or inattentive towards the road. The worst part is that the individuals involved in the entire scenario faced excruciating body pain. In a car accident, a person's upper body is badly affected. It takes a lot of effort to get rid of such problems. Doctors often suggest pain medication and various exercises to suppress the issue. You can also visit a chiropractor to help you ease your body.

Exercises to Reduce Pain After a Birmingham Auto Accident:

The neck and back are often the most severely affected body parts after a Birmingham auto accident. Sometimes, your nerves stretch too much, or something cuts the muscle, causing excessive pain. No matter how much pain you might be in, these simple exercises can help you.

  • Bird Dog:

It is a great exercise to ease tightened nerves. You will have to go down on your knees with your wrists placed under your shoulders. Your knees need to be under the hips. Then extend the left arm forward and the right leg back. Keep the back flat and stretch as much as you can. Try to hold the position for 30 to 40 seconds and then shift to the alternate side.

  • Seated Neck Release:

To stretch the sides of your neck, do this exercise daily. First of all, sit cross-legged on the floor with your feet on the ground. Stretch the right arm to the right knee and tilt your head using the left hand. Do this slowly and apply gentle pressure to avoid discomfort.

  • Seated Clasping Neck Stretch:

Use a seat in a chair or the floor for this exercise. Place both hands at the back of your head while remaining straight. Firmly hold on to the seat with the help of your hips. Then gently push your hands to your thighs and tuck in your chin. Try to use the pressure of the palms to move the head closer to the chest area.

  • Behind-the-Back Neck Stretch:

Stand straight keeping your feet aligned with your hips. Then move your hands in a backward position to your back. Grab the left wrist using the right hand. Straighten the left arm with the pressure of the right hand and try to pull it as much as you can. This exercise helps in stretching tensed nerves.

  • Tabletop Leg Press:

To do this, you need to lie down on the ground. Bend the knees in a ninety-degree position. Press the lower back into the ground and contract your stomach. If possible, crunch upwards while performing the exercise. By doing this step, you not only ease muscle tension but also strengthen the core.

  • Glute Bridge:

Lie down on your back, then bend the knees as much as you can. Keep your hands at the side and feet on the floor. Make sure the feet are at a hips distance. Now squeeze the abs and glutes to lift your hips from the floor. Do this until your body straightens. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds before returning to the start.

All of these exercises are meant to help you reduce back pain and neck stiffness. Do consult a doctor before practicing any step. You never know what might be good for you and what might trigger the body in a wrong way.

Visit a Chiropractor Near You:

If you face back pain or problems in your neck after a Birmingham auto accident, get in touch with our trained chiropractors today. They help you find the best and easiest cure. Moreover, these professionals have helped hundreds of people, so they know exactly how to treat your illness. Don't suffer in silence, contact our team of doctors today. Once they are done with the examination, they will get started on an accurate treatment plan. These specialists will also guide you on what types of exercises can help relieve the pain.

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