Car, Truck & Motorcycle Injuries

Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents and AlaMed Injury Clinics' Medical and Therapy Team

Car accidents are one of the nation's leading causes of personal injuries. AlaMed Injury Clinics works closely with our patients to help you reach maximum medical improvement. Our medical team knows not all injuries are the same. Through expert medical care, treatment, and testimony about your injuries through accurate medical records, the AlaMed Injury Clinics' medical team customizes your treatment plan to address your unique conditions, pain levels, and needs. Our therapists make sure these specialized treatment plans are accurately followe

Common Injuries Associated With Car Accidents

A car accident can cause a lot of various injuries. The most common injuries associated with car wrecks are:


Broken bones

Severe migraines and headaches

Spinal trauma

Head Trauma

Stiffness and pain in the head, neck, shoulders and low back

Scarring and other cuts

Fatigue and dizziness

Numbness and tingling in the upper and lower extremities

Blurred vision

Memory difficulties

Loss of range of motion in the neck and low back area including paralysis

No matter what injuries you sustain during your car accident, it is crucial to get medical help and make sure that there are medical records of your injuries.

What To Do Right After A Car Accident

After a car accident, there are important actions to take. Here is a list of steps to follow after your car crash:

1. Do not leave the scene of the accident. 2. Stay calm and call the police. 3. Exchange insurance information with all other parties involved. 4. Do not admit fault or discuss the accident in a lot of detail. 5. Take photos and videos of the scene. 6. Let your insurance company know about the accident. 7. Seek medical attention for your injuries. 8. Hire an attorney to represent you.

Navigating your actions after a car wreck can be tricky, but remember to stay calm. The most important thing to do is to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Should I go to ER or urgent care after a car accident?

Sometimes patients wonder if they need to go to the ER or an urgent care center. We tell our patients ER's are meant for severe life-threatening injuries, and only go to the ER if you have major complications, the pain is unbearable or life-threatening. Urgent care centers are meant for people who have injuries that are not severe enough for the ER. Visit an urgent care center if you don't have major complications, or unbearable or life-threatening pain.

If you happen to visit either an ER or an urgent care center, it's always best to follow up with a personal injury medical office. AlaMed Injury Clinics provides you with further medical care that an ER or urgent care center won't.

An Accident Victim's Responsibility

Even with a supportive AlaMed Injury Clinics' doctor and a thoroughly documented treatment plan, there are nine important points to do from the start to keep your case moving forward:

  1. Seek medical treatment from the right doctor immediately after you know you have been injured. Don't wait.
  2. Always tell the truth to any doctor. Don't embellish but don't hold back.
  3. Keep your legal advice inquiries for your attorney. Don't use social media to fill in the blanks or ask your physician for legal help.
  4. Never skip out on or miss follow-up doctor appointments or fail to complete therapy sessions and stop medical treatment without your doctor's advice.
  5. Make it a point to provide specific pain notes and ensure it is placed inside your official medical record. Keep copies of anything you hand over to your doctor's office.
  6. If you are not able to work because of your injury, it is important to mention that problem to your doctor.
  7. You need to follow the doctor's orders. If pain medication is a concern, then have those discussions documented with your provider and ask what other options are available.
  8. If you are feeling any injury-related depression and anxiety, make sure those are properly diagnosed and treated by medical professionals as well.
  9. Keep track of all doctor's appointments, treatment referrals, and any work restrictions listed and your own timeline of events and notes. Don't depend solely on your medical file because things may be missing.

AlaMed Injury Clinics' job is to focus on your medical condition and help you heal. However, you have the most important part in the healing process and leaves you ultimately in charge. It's extremely important you maintain your scheduled appointments and continually remain consistent with your care plan given to you by AlaMed Injury Clinics' medical team.

Do I have to report a car accident to my insurance company?

It is in your best interest to report a car accident to your insurance company. You may not feel it is necessary at first, but you may run into vehicle problems that are unseen at the time or even injuries that do not flare up for a while.

Don't Ruin Your Chances With The Insurance Company

When dealing with an automobile accident, especially one another party is responsible for, it is incredibly important to see an AlaMed Injury Clinics' doctor right away. Never delay seeing our doctors after an auto accident. Any type of delay will hurt your case against the insurance company, resulting in less monetary compensation for your pain and suffering. Having a gap in your medical treatment causes doubt in the mind of an insurance adjuster.

When you wait to seek medical treatment, you destroy your credibility. Even if you have legitimate injuries that stem from the accident, the more time that passes, the more opportunities the defense has to say you are suffering pre-existing injuries or that you are exaggerating or outright lying about your injuries.

The only way to protect yourself from arguments against the legitimacy of those injuries is to create the link by seeing an AlaMed Injury Clinics' doctor immediately. Even if you do not believe your injuries are major, it is in your best interest to see AlaMed Injury Clinics' medical professionals. Seeking medical help from us will help relieve any discomfort or pain you are experiencing. If you were injured from a car, truck or motorcycle accident, immediately be evaluated by an AlaMed Injury Clinics' medical professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating neck and back pain injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents.

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