Soft Tissue Injuries After a Car Accident in Columbus, GA

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A car accident in Columbus, GA, can lead to multiple kinds of injuries. Amongst the long list of injuries, we see soft tissue injuries that can be much more painful and difficult to prove. Soft tissue injuries are common after a minor or major crash. Such an injury causes much agony to the victim. However, they don't always show up on x-rays. So, with this kind of injury, finding credible proof becomes difficult.

Courts and insurance companies only take into account the physical proof. If the victim is unable to show any evidence, their claim weakens. For people who suffer in such crashes, it becomes a troublesome journey. Their case becomes full of complications, and in some scenarios, the case might even get delayed. If you think that a car accident in Columbus, GA caused you to suffer, try to gain as much concrete evidence as possible. Since you were harmed due to someone else's negligence, thus you deserve maximum compensation.

In Columbus, GA, there were around 20 fatal accidents in 2019. Nearly 33 pedestrians lost their lives due to these crashes. The statistics were much higher than that of 2018. With more people having cars and bikes, the number of crashes has also increased. Even a single person's mistake costs several people their lives and the lives of their loved ones. A car accident in Columbus, GA itself is a traumatic experience and due to them, people go through physical and mental trauma. Sometimes, it takes years of therapy to forget such traumatic memories. In such conditions, soft tissue injuries and fractures can make your life much more difficult.

Various Types of Soft Tissue Injuries After a Car Accident in Columbus, GA:

Soft tissue injuries can be of multiple kinds. Each has a set of different symptoms and treatment options. Some affect the ligaments while some harm the muscles and tendons of an individual. The following tissue injuries are more common when it comes to car accidents in Columbus, GA:

  • Whiplash:

A lot of people complain about whiplash after a collision. It's a typical injury that affects the neck, brain, and back of the driver. Due to violent crashes, nerves of the upper body come under strain resulting in whiplash injuries.

  • Herniated Disc:

Spine and disc injuries are also common after a car accident. If you feel that your disc or spine is dislocated, immediately get medical help.

  • Sprain:

When ligaments stretch or tear, it is termed as a sprain. Foot, neck, and arm sprains are more common after accidents.

How to Detect If You Have a Soft Tissue Injury?

As told earlier, soft tissue injuries don't always show up on tests and scans. However, you can detect them through some common symptoms such as:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness of body parts
  • Back pain
  • Sharp needle-like pain in the back and neck
  • Difficulty in moving the jaw
  • Cold shoulder
  • Headaches/nausea
  • Issues in vision
  • Fatigue and erratic behavior

Why Soft Tissue Injuries Are Difficult to Prove:

After an accident, a victim must file a complaint and demand compensation. For this, they need to have an ample amount of medical proof and other supporting evidence. However, in the case of soft tissue injuries, things are not that simple. The following issues arise when trying to prove a tissue injury:

  • Lack of medical proof: Tissue injuries don't always show up on x-rays and scans, so there isn't any visible proof. The opponent might treat your pain as an exaggeration or a lie.
  • Symptoms not showing up immediately: Tissue pain can take hours to become evident. Some victims might feel fine at first, but after a few hours, the pain becomes unbearable. Insurance companies take advantage of this fact and try to link the reason for pain to other factors.

How to Make Your Stance Stronger:

The following documentation can make your claim stronger:

  1. Visual evidence of the car accident in Columbus: Take some pictures of the accident site, showing how the crash took place. Moreover, record your state as well.
  2. Test results: Even though tissue injuries might not show up in x-rays but you should still conduct the necessary tests. These additional tests might help you find other relevant complications.
  3. Pain journal: Most lawyers recommend people to maintain pain journals to document their journey.

Get Professional Help:

If you or your family member was part of a car accident in Columbus, GA, contacting a good lawyer near you is crucial. However, your health comes first. Without any delay, opt for a medical evaluation with us. Set an appointment with our experienced people and discuss your injuries in detail. Our sole objective is to help people recover from such incidents.

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