Signs Your Columbus Car Crash Gave You a Concussion

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Columbus car accidents cause major types of injuries such as concussions and fractures. There are many instances where people even lose their lives. Even a miniature crash can have severe effects on victims. With physical injuries, individuals sustain a lot of mental trauma that lasts for years. The screeching sounds of the incident and the horrific visuals haunt the minds of victims for years.

Each year millions of car accidents take place, and each accident results in multiple kinds of injuries. Therefore, it's mandatory to know about the symptoms of injuries. Only with proper medical treatment can a person save themselves from complications.

According to official reports, there were a total of 650 traffic accidents within the Columbus area. More than a thousand people died on the spot, while many sustained permanent injuries. Some survivors don't feel the symptoms right after the incident. However, after some time, they experienced severe pain.

A large amount of these people complained of concussions after their Columbus car accidents. It's not surprising that most injuries are related to the brain because the upper body comes in direct contact with its surrounding. Anything can be the reason for a traumatic brain injury. The survivor might have hit their head on the steering or the sides, causing such a mishap.

How Can Columbus Car Accidents Result in a Concussion?

A concussion is a form of injury in which a person suffers a blow to the head. It can result in dizziness, pain, and other symptoms. Collisions are very rapid and affect every body part. Thus the possibility of a head injury is common. You can get bruises or tears on the surface of your head, or worse, there could be damage to the nerve fibers from Columbus car accidents.

Generally, there are three grades of concussions, which include:

  • Grade 1: temporary amnesia for 30 minutes
  • Grade 2: loss of consciousness along with amnesia that can last for 24 hours
  • Grade 3:  loss of consciousness for more than 5 minutes along with amnesia that lasts for a longer time than 24 hours.

If the injury is not serious, then it takes about a week for recovery. However, if the wound is deep, then you might even require surgery. So, always consult a doctor after a crash.

Signs of a Concussion After a Crash:

Here are some symptoms that will confirm a concussion:

  • Loss of Consciousness:

One of the most obvious signs is the loss of consciousness. If you have struck your head with some object in the vehicle, then you will lose consciousness for some time. The trauma makes you dizzy and unable to realize your surroundings.

  • Feeling Nausea:

Dizziness, nausea, and sensitivity to light are all signs of a concussion. Even if you didn't pass out but have any of these symptoms, immediately get a complete body checkup.

  • Feeling Confusion:

Sometimes individuals are unable to comprehend anything. They suffer from partial memory loss or amnesia. If you are unable to concentrate on tasks or forget things, it might be an after-effect of the crash. This state takes a few days to show.

  • Seeing Stars or Hearing Sounds:

A blow to the head can lead to mild trauma. In such circumstances, victims often see stars or hear ringing sounds.

  • Mood Swings:

Another sign of a concussion is that individuals face extreme mood swings. They get angry or irritated about the smallest things. Some even face depression or nervousness after a crash.

  • Disturbed Sleep Patterns:

For those who feel that their sleep cycle is changing rapidly, it could be an indication of a concussion.

  • Headaches and Seizures:

Concussions can lead to extreme headaches that make the vision blurry. Sometimes individuals might suffer from seizures as well.

These are seven symptoms that indicate the presence of a concussion. If someone feels that they have one or more signs, then they should immediately contact a doctor.

Getting Medical Help in Time:

Columbus car accidents can cause a great number of problems. From fractures to cuts, they can result in anything. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that car crash survivors seek medical help. Our clinics in Columbus have experienced professionals who will look after your health. We treat all kinds of injuries and wounds. Professionals at our centers will firstly conduct some necessary tests then suggest optimum solutions.

Don't neglect yourself after a crash. You can never calculate the amount of damage a minor crash can cause. Only a timely checkup will save your life from unwanted pain and misery. So, call our clinics today and set an appointment with our best practitioners.

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