Punctured Lung from a Car Accident in Birmingham

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Car accidents are traumatizing and harmful. They can cause several kinds of injuries. From bones to nerves, everything is affected after a crash. Similarly, lung injuries are also common after accidents. A punctured lung from a car accident in Birmingham can result in breathing problems for an injured individual. If not treated within time, the situation can get complicated.

Other organs might suffer as well because the body is facing deprivation of oxygen. This is why most doctors suggest crash survivors immediately get medical help. The extensive series of tests allow medical professionals to find internal injuries within the body.

Sometimes, a person seems unharmed from the outside, but several internal bleeding and cuts are present within the body. Lung injuries are also difficult to detect without proper testing so contact a doctor right after an incident. Don't let your punctured lung collapse because then the survival chances decrease rapidly.

Each year millions of accidents take place and claim the lives of many. Alabama is one of those states that records a huge number of car accidents every year. In 2018, the state registered the highest number of vehicle accidents. Around 30,000 crashes took place, and more than 10,000 people were injured. Along with injuries, these accidents became a reason for the deaths of many people. Those who were lucky to survive had to go through years of trauma and pain. All of this is proof of how severely an accident can affect the lives of many.

How to Detect a Punctured Lung From a Car Accident?

A punctured lung or a collapsed lung restricts normal breathing. After a crash, air starts to fill in between tissues of the lung. Excessive amounts of air put pressure on the whole organ, making it lose its efficiency. Any trauma that directly impacts the chest may result in such problems. The common term used for a punctured lung is pneumothorax. Sometimes, a broken rib might tear the lining of the lung causing difficulty in the breathing process.

As there are many risks linked with a punctured lung from a car accident, it becomes necessary for victims to be able to identify major symptoms. Chest pain is a common sign of the problem. After a massive crash, if you feel any pain in the chest or tightness within the upper body, immediately call for a paramedic. Amongst the long list of symptoms, the most common ones are:

  • Loss of skin color
  • High fever
  • Fatigue
  • Excessive amounts of coughing
  • Weak pulse
  • Difficult to breathe in the open air
  • Sharp pain in the chest when breathing or moving around
  • Unable to carry out daily activities
  • Chest tightness
  • Abnormal breathing

If your skin seems blue or pale, then there might be a deficiency of oxygen within the body. In such circumstances, ignoring the problem can worsen the situation. Even if you feel fine after a crash, the need for a medical test remains. Maybe the injury isn't visible at the moment but it can show up afterward. So, don't take these matters lightly. The potential risks associated with a punctured lung are beyond your imagination. You can save your life by seeking medical attention.

Treating a Punctured Lung After a Crash:

Lung injuries have multiple types of treatments. The treatment plan depends on how critical the situation is. For example, some doctors use needles to release excessive air pressure. Another way is by using a tube to drain the air trapped within the lungs. If the damage is more serious, experts go for a surgical solution to fix the damaged organ.

On average, a punctured lung takes about six to eight weeks to heal completely. During this time, you will need to take medication, have plenty of rest and avoid any kind of strenuous activity. It means no driving and no unnecessary outings. Your sleeping posture will also need changing. Doctors try their level best to provide patients with the best medical care possible. However, patients also need to be careful so that a damaged lung doesn't reoccur.

Get in Touch With the Best Doctors in Birmingham, AL:

If you or your loved one suffered a punctured lung from a car accident in Birmingham, Al, contact AlaMed Injury Clinics. We have experienced professionals who can handle any medical condition. They give quick medical attention to patients with breathing issues. Do not suffer in silence. Let our doctors treat you. Once you get timely treatment from our clinic, you won't need anyone else. So no matter what medical problem you have, let our experts treat you. Book an appointment today and get the best help possible.

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