What Are the Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries in Birmingham, AL?

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Slip and fall injuries can have a long-term impact on the health and physical well-being of a person. Yet, most people tend to take them very casually. Often the damage is not immediately visible due to which people are unable to understand the intensity of the injury.

It is only after a week or two when people realize that something is perhaps not right with their body. However, in some cases, by that time it's already too late. It is also important to know what are the most common slip and fall injuries in Birmingham, AL so you can better explain your condition to your doctor. This would consequently get a patient better treatment as well.

According to reports, 34,673 people died due to falls in their workplace or at home in the year 2016. On average, close to 50 people die every year due to such injuries. Healthcare experts suggest that these injuries should never be taken lightly and one should seek immediate medical aid in such cases.

The statistics around slip and fall injuries are alarming which makes a thorough check-up or scan essential to prevent any major damage. It will also aid your doctor in making a comprehensive treatment plan which is catered to your specific case and symptoms.

Common Slip and Fall Injuries in Birmingham, AL; A Closer Look:

There are countless injuries that can occur as a result of slips and falls. However, there are some which are more common than others. These can include the following:

1. Broken Bones:

Broken bones are quite common after you have witnessed a fall. This usually results in excruciating pain and can be detected by performing an X-ray. Bones tend to break when they experience excess pressure or impact. Bones are already fragile structures and thus, cannot withstand high impacts and tend to break. This injury is more common in older citizens as their body grows weak over time.

2. Knee Damage:

The knee is made up of sensitive muscles and ligaments thus when you fall, the entire pressure is shifted towards your hips and knees. This may tear the knee ligament or dislocate the patella. Walking becomes an ordeal in such a case and one might have to undergo surgery before he/she can fully recover. Knee injuries usually take a longer time to heal.

3. Shoulder Dislocation:

Shoulder injuries can lead to permanent pain in your neck and back area. A dislocated shoulder might take a few months or in some cases even years to recover. One has to go through a lot of physiotherapies and exercises to optimize movement again.

4. Spine and Nerve Damage:

Chances of spine and nerve damage are few in case of slip and fall injuries. However, if the impact is too high, or if you fall from a height then one can fall victim to this condition. Damage to the spine or nerves could be extremely dangerous because in some cases it even leads to paralysis. Hence, if the back is impacted by slip and fall injuries then a CT scan is immediately recommended to eliminate all doubts. Even slight negligence in cases of spine and nerve injury could cost you your life.

5. Internal Head Injuries:

One of the most common slip and fall injuries in Birmingham, AL are internal head injuries. However, it is also the most ignored one. Sometimes head injuries may not be visible and the patient may appear to be fine overall. However, after a few hours, the patient may experience dizziness or may become unconscious. This could be a sign of internal head injury or internal bleeding. Hours can elapse before doctors find the exact reason. Reports have revealed that internal head injuries are now one of the leading causes of death. It is advised that if one experiences a prolonged headache after a slip and fall accident, one must consult a healthcare specialist to eliminate all doubts.

Initial Consultation and Follow-Up Treatments:

A good medical practitioner will make you undergo thorough tests and examinations to find the exact cause of pain after a slip and fall incident. In addition to a physical exam, you can also be referred for an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan depending on the intensity of your injury.

In some cases, follow-up check-ups are also recommended to ensure that no other signs or symptoms emerge after a few weeks of the injury. This will make your recovery period a lot easier and smoother.

Being aware of the common slip and fall injuries in Birmingham, AL allows one to stay more informed and take into account some necessary steps they need to practice after such incidents. One such step is to consult a specialist. Paying a visit to a professional medical care facility and getting yourself completely examined is crucial for your well-being.

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