Chiropractic Care for Kids After a Car Accident in Birmingham

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An adult human being is different from a child in many aspects. They both have their own tendency to react to and handle situations. They both have their unique ways in which they handle pain or trauma. The perception that kids are adaptable or heal quickly after a car accident in Birmingham is absurd, and can potentially lead to very serious threats.

Growing up, our children go through various stages. In some stages, they may not need our help. However, as parents, it may be necessary for us to be actively involved in our kid's health care. As per the data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; in 2018, more than 97,000 children were injured in car crashes. These injuries are not to be taken lightly and an experienced chiropractor should be consulted immediately.

Common Misconceptions About Children in Car Accidents:

There are some misconceptions regarding children who are involved in car accidents in Birmingham:

  • Your Children Will Communicate with You:

People of all ages often find it difficult to express what they are feeling. Kids in particular, when going through a new phase in life or experiencing a wound rarely tell their parents about it. It is the parents' job to figure out any inconsistencies in the behavior of their children or any indication of an injury or symptoms.

These indications might be changes in mood, movements, or physical appearance. However, these symptoms may or may not be evident right after a car accident in Birmingham, therefore the best way to avoid any long-term illness or complications is to visit a chiropractor and get yourself as well as your family checked on an instant basis.

  • Kids Are More Flexible than Adults:

In case of a severe injury or a car accident in Birmingham, this might not be the case. According to the data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, kids have thinner skin, and more of it per pound of body weight than adults do. Children have less fluid in their bodies and it only increases with age. Hence, when it comes to fluid loss (e.g. dehydration, blood loss), it can have a greater impact on children.

  • Children Heal Faster:

It is true that adolescents spend a huge chunk of their energy strengthening their muscles, bones, and organs. This same process fixes the injuries of kids faster than the adult. Younger bodies are more elastic and the connective tissues can stretch more without tearing.

The elasticity of a child's tissue is great for minimizing the risk of minor injuries, but it can increase the risk of major injuries, such as dislocated joints or smeared tissues. This can occur because the muscles are not developed, exposing the joints to unimaginable stress.

  • Chiropractic Care is for Adults:

This is a flawed concept that needs swift amendments. It is even more important to check children as these are the times of growth and nourishment.  Numerous studies have proven chiropractic care to be efficient for a variety of childhood illnesses and conditions, which may include a car accident in Birmingham.  Chiropractic care helps the nervous system to perform well, which is essential for healthy living.

Kids have more flexible bones as compared to the bones of adults. Unfortunately, they are not dispensed with sustaining injuries. A good way of preventing injuries in children comes from regular checkups with your Chiropractor in Birmingham, AL. It also leads to keeping the joints and ligaments agile.

 Mitigating the Risks:

Seatbelts play a vital role in navigating the risk of a car crash. If a kid is wearing a seatbelt and other protective measures have also been taken, it is more likely that no one will suffer any wound. Even with the seatbelts on, a car accident in Birmingham may cause a prolonged adverse effect on kids.

As the collision takes place, the seatbelt locks very tightly on your body as the body is moving forward in the cabin. This causes a severe synching at the abdominal level which results in the tearing of muscles and other injuries as well as causing spinal injuries to the lower back. This poses a lethal threat to the health of kids, therefore it is essential to sign them up for proper chiropractic care.

Post-Accident Care:

It usually takes a day or two for the actual symptoms to be apparent. If any such symptoms are witnessed after a car accident in Birmingham, it is advised to visit a professional chiropractor immediately. We at AlaMed Injury Clinics comprise a team of qualified specialists who will devise a proper treatment plan for your kids, keeping in view the nature of the injury as well as the age of your child. Contact us today to book an appointment or to know more about the services that we offer.

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