Injuries & Damages in Red Light Accidents in Birmingham, AL

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In either case, pedestrian or T-bone accidents, sideslips, recoils, or frontal collisions are tragic for everyone involved and their families. As in many metropolitan areas, red light accidents in Birmingham, AL are usually related to the question of who runs at the traffic light.

Many car accidents take place at intersections controlled by traffic lights. When the traffic lights turn yellow, the driver accelerates or is distracted without noticing that the traffic lights have turned red. These accidents can cause serious injuries because the responsible driver usually drives at high speeds or drives at a speed of 35 to 40 mph at traffic lights or in a town. In other cases, the driver may mistakenly believe that the vehicle in front is passing a yellow traffic light and stops again.

In the event of an accident, pedestrians and cyclists are also at risk of being hit at a red light. When the traffic lights are green and they are allowed to cross the intersection, pedestrians or cyclists can easily become the target of drivers or those who are busy texting or driving drunk and do not notice the light turning red.

Determining Fault in a Red Light Accident:

In some cases, it may be difficult to identify the error when a party blatantly ran a red light. If there are independent witnesses or a red light camera is installed at an intersection, responsibility can be determined, but this is not always the case. The victim needs their car accident lawyer to prove that the other party is at least 50% guilty. This does not mean that if both parties attribute the fault to the other party, the accountability is automatically 50-50.

In addition, Birmingham, AL is a relatively negligent area. Therefore, if your liability exceeds 50%, you will not receive any compensation. Also, any corresponding responsibilities you assume will reduce your remuneration by this percentage. For example, if your loss is $100,000, but your fault is 40%, you only accumulate $60,000.

About 40% of traffic accidents occur at intersections. In recent years, the number of traffic light accidents has increased significantly. It is estimated by The National Library of Medicine that there are 260,000 red light accidents in the United States each year, of which approximately 750 are fatal. A comparison was made between a driver who ran a red light in the same accident and a driver who presumed not to run a red light. The possibility of running a red light is more likely than other drivers under 30, men who have had traffic violations and drunk driving offenses, have invalid driver's licenses, and drinking alcohol before the accident.

Injuries and Damages in Red Light Accidents in Birmingham, AL:

If you think you are about to drive safely into the green light, you can imagine how scary it is to see a car passing by you at high speed. If you see a yellow light coming on and slowing down at an intersection, you may not have noticed that the car behind you suddenly accelerates when you try to continue driving. The injuries caused by these accidents may include:

  • Back and neck strain from the impact
  • Spinal cord damages
  • Shattered limbs
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Injury to internal organs
  • Paralysis
  • Emotional distress
  • Permanent deformity

If your car accident lawyer can prove that the other party is at least 50% liable, you can claim the following damages:

  • Medical expenditures
  • Lost remunerations
  • Emotional trauma such as PTSD
  • Pain and distress
  • Potential retributory damages

How you compensate for the pain and suffering depends on the type and extent of your injuries and how they affect your daily life. Your car accident lawyer will assess your medical expenses, property damage, surgery, recovery, and convalescence, disability, and permanent disability (if applicable), such as the Family Medical Leave Act, which stipulates your work and benefits when you are injured will be protected for a week or several months.

Consult a Car Accident Law Firm:

Controversial liability in red light accidents in Birmingham, AL may destroy your hopes of compensation for accidental injuries. Contact a good injury lawyer who has worked and has dealt with red light liability many times. With the lawyer's ingenuity and years of experience, they can demonstrate how accidental injuries affect the clients. On the other end, call us immediately for an assessment of the injuries which resulted from the accident. We are only here to ensure that we provide you relief that will help you recover and lead a healthy life.

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