Dizziness After a Car Accident: What Does It Mean?

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Dizziness after a car accident is very common. Sometimes, an injury causes dizziness, but other factors also influence the condition. When a car is hit by another vehicle, the sudden jerk causes the person to shake violently. Even when the vehicle stops, a person might continue to move and might hit his head somewhere leading to dizziness after a car accident. Thus, resulting in injuries to the head and neck.

If an individual faces extreme dizziness after a collision, they should get checked by a doctor. There can be an internal wound or bleeding which needs immediate medical care. Most of the time, people sustain whiplash injuries after a crash. However, parts of the brain might also get affected. A complete body checkup is the only way to be sure that nothing is wrong with you.

The state of Alabama experiences a high number of accidents each year. Even after much effort, the local authorities have not been able to find a solution for car crashes. From rear-end collisions to pile-ups, the roads see so many incidents daily. Every month, several incidents took place, which involved numerous injuries and fatalities. Many people complained of dizziness and headaches. So, never ignore your condition. No matter how minor a symptom might be, get it checked.

Why Do People Experience Dizziness After a Car Accident?

Doctors give you tons of explanations as to why someone suffers from dizziness after a collision. Your condition may result from the following:

  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo:

BPPV involves calcium crystals present in the inner ear. These crystals are responsible for indicating the brain where the head is supposed to be positioned. In a crash, there is a high possibility that these crystals are dislodged from their original position. Therefore, the balance is disturbed, and when these crystals again send signals from the incorrect position, it leads to vertigo. The new position isn't correct, so the signals are also false.

  • Damage to Neck:

Proprioceptor nerves help the brain to recognize where the body parts are located. They are near the neck of a human being. In a crash, there is a high chance that your neck and brain receive significant damage. If the proprioceptor nerve is harmed, then you will feel stiffness and pain.

Moreover, the condition could worsen, and you can also experience extreme dizziness. The reason behind this is the damage to the nerves. Your brain isn't getting the right signals, so it is unable to comprehend anything. To fix the problems of these nerves, doctors try to heal the surrounding tissues.

  • Blocked Blood Flow:

An accident no matter how minor it might be can have a huge impact on your life. One of the most common things that a crash can do is block the normal flow of blood in your body. The vascular system is responsible for smooth blood flow to the brain. If the brain isn't getting a healthy supply of blood, it will certainly lead to dizziness.

To recognize vascular damage, you should observe whether you feel pain in the back of your head or not. Do not take the condition lightly. If you feel that the pain in your head isn't going away, contact a doctor near you.

  • Trauma:

Trauma is a leading cause of dizziness after a crash. Traumatic brain injury or TBI is caused when your head strikes something hard. In most scenarios, a person either hits his head on the dashboard, or the steering, which leads to TBI. Some common symptoms of TBI include sleepiness, partial loss of memory, lacking clarity, and getting irritated. Victims even faint on the spot due to the trauma. If you think you have any of these symptoms, then don't delay a medical examination.

Treatment Options:

To treat dizziness after a car accident, medical professionals use various techniques such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments: Professionals use pressure to align the vertebrae
  • Corrective exercise: after a crash, you can boost your healing process through corrective exercises. They help to improve mobility and can help overcome dizziness.
  • Massage: to increase blood flow in the body, chiropractors use massage therapy. It relaxes your mind and provides relief to the body.

Get the Best Treatment at Our Clinic:

Experiencing dizziness after a car accident isn't something new. Most people either faint or experience sharp pain in their bodies. Just like other body parts, the mind is also harmed in such incidents. However, our chiropractors have the best possible solutions for you. From providing chiropractic adjustments to massage therapy, they give you multiple treatment options.

Our experts will first diagnose your condition then suggest an appropriate solution. Each doctor at AlaMed has years of experience. So book an appointment today and start on your journey to recovery.

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