Degenerative Disc Disease Caused by Car Accident in Columbus, GA

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A car accident in Columbus can lead to multiple kinds of injuries. Even a minor rear-end collision can have long-lasting effects on the body of the person witnessing the crash. If you or your loved one have ever faced a car accident in Columbus, GA, then you might be aware of the dreadful outcomes. From fractures to paralysis, anything is possible after a massive crash. Likewise, the human spine is another organ that suffers the most in such incidents.

The spine is a complex structure. It consists of many vertebrae, which stack on one another. It starts from the base of the skull and covers the entire back. A backbone provides support to the body and has connections to the nervous system. If someone faces trauma related to the spine, they could develop problems such as degenerative disc disease. In a worse scenario, if something hits your spine during an accident, then you might even face temporary or permanent paralysis.

People suffer from physical harm and mental trauma. It's not easy for crash survivors to forget the memories of the incident. They are haunted by the same visuals for years. Sometimes, only therapy helps such patients recover. Sadly, each year the number of such incidents continues to increase. Driving within the Columbus area has become tougher, and thousands of people die on average in traffic crashes. It's essential to know about certain diseases that can be an outcome of a car accident.

How Does a Car Accident in Columbus, GA Lead to Degenerative Disc Disease?

Degenerative disc disease is related to the lower back area. It is accompanied by stiffness and constant pain that can increase with time. Usually, aging results in such issues, but a deadly crash could be a reason for the problem. If you are wondering as to how an accident can cause problems for the spine, then the answer is simple.

In a car accident in Columbus, an individual might get hit directly on the back, or their rapid movement causes harm to the backbone. Both of these conditions result in the nerves of the back being affected. There is a high chance that the fluid between the vertebrae of the spine starts to leak. In such circumstances, a sharp pain is felt by the back that can reach the legs. This is how a crash leads to degenerative disc disease.

Common Symptoms to Identify the Problem:

There is a high possibility that the problem isn't visible right after a car accident in Columbus, GA. Sometimes it can take up to a week for the issue to become noticeable. That is why every crash survivor must have a full body checkup right after the incident. Anyone facing any kind of difficulty in moving or walking around should inform their doctors immediately. Even if you feel fine at the start, still be vigilant about your condition. Individuals with the following symptoms should get checked for degenerative disc disease right away:

  • Pain accompanied with numbness and a tingling sensation
  • Pain felt while moving around or bending
  • Pain aggravated upon sitting or standing for too long
  • Legs become numb without any reason
  • Low back pain that lasts for more than a month
  • Continuous pain without any difference in intensity
  • Back pain that moves to the lower body

These are the symptoms experienced by a maximum number of patients. If you have some of these or all of these, then you need professional help.

Treatment Options:

Treatment for spine diseases is possible through medication and rest. Similarly, degenerative disc disease is also manageable with medicine and therapy. Medication reduces inflammation and pain. There are times when doctors suggest the option of surgery, but that comes at the last.

Every doctor wishes to treat their patient in the simplest way possible. Surgeries have many risks associated, so doctors prefer options like chiropractic solutions to keep the patient safe. Along with drugs and chiropractic care, patients are advised to take as much rest as possible.

Using the Services of the Best Doctors in Town:

If you developed a degenerative disc disease due to a car accident in Columbus, GA, then come to our clinic for the best possible solutions. Our chiropractors focus on giving non-surgical solutions to every individual. Each doctor at our center is experienced and has dealt with multiple cases of the same type. Book an appointment today and have yourself checked thoroughly. Save yourself from unwanted pain by opting for the right kind of treatment.

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