Most Common Car Accident Injuries Treated by Chiropractors

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These days anyone can face an accident at any hour. The increased number of cars on the road has doubled the chances of fatal crashes. Not only do people lose their lives, but they also suffer immense pain as well. From cuts to bruises and fractures, one can experience multiple problems after a crash. Most people go through years of therapy to regain their health. Nowadays, chiropractors are preferred for treating car accident injuries because their treatment plans are safer. Chiropractic care resolves an issue from the core and includes no painful surgical procedures. There are so many injuries that heal much more quickly after a single session with a chiropractor.

In 2017, nearly 30 people lost their lives on the roads of Birmingham, AL. More than 400 individuals sustained life-threatening injuries that required immediate medical care. Within the past few years, these numbers have gone up exponentially. Therefore, the need for chiropractors in today's time is much more than it has ever been. Whether you suffer from a displaced shoulder or a whiplash, a chiropractor gives the best solution for your pain. Their effective treatment methodologies have given patients relief in the shortest possible time.

Car Accident Injuries Typically Treated by Chiropractors:

A person facing a deadly crash will experience car accident injuries. The pain and discomfort might not let them live their life peacefully. However, contacting a chiropractor can save you. They treat several kinds of injuries, including:


Most accidents result in whiplash. It's a common problem faced by victims. The abrupt change in the driver's position and the huge impact result in muscle tearing. When the back and shoulder muscle tears, a person feels a lot of discomforts. It could even result in dislocation of the cervical spine. Thankfully, an experienced chiropractor can easily adjust your muscles which aid in the healing process. Whiplash treatments are suitable for almost everyone.

Back Pain:

Another area of the body severely affected by a crash is your back. Both, the upper and lower back can sustain damages after an unwanted crash. Sometimes, the spine and surrounding tissues start to cause pain to the survivor. If such an area of the body is not treated, it could result in temporary or permanent paralysis. Try not to ignore your back pain, especially after an accident. A good chiropractor can provide instant relief to patients suffering from back problems.

Pain in the Shoulders and Neck:

Many individuals experience stiffness in their shoulders and neck after a crash. Even the movement for some people becomes restricted. It may be an aftereffect of your accident, so immediately visit a chiropractor. They will relax your nerves and ease the tension built up in your body.

Limb Injuries:

Along with your face and back, your limbs are also injured in accidents. It could be the result of bruising, muscle tearing or something hitting your arms and legs. That is why it is recommended to get adequate medical help. If the pain isn't treated, you might lose the ability to walk.

Knee Injuries:

Along with the entire body, there is a high chance that your knees get injured in the process. It could be a tear in the ligament or a major fracture. In both situations, you need therapy. Walking with an injured knee is not easy. Instead of letting the pain increase, get in touch with a chiropractor to put an end to it.

Injured Spinal Cord:

A spinal cord injury is painful. It could be in the form of a herniated disk or a misalignment. If a person faces problems in the spine, they should get checked. One cannot correct the injured spine without therapy.

Muscle Soreness and Chest Pain:

If a person had a belt on them during the crash, they might experience chest pain later on. The seatbelt pushes against your chest, causing soreness in the area. Similarly, other muscles also tend to suffer after a car accident. Getting timely chiropractic treatments reduces both soreness and muscle pain.

Get in Touch with the Best Chiropractors in Birmingham, AL:

Car accident injuries should not be taken lightly. One can never imagine the consequences of a small cut. Hence, the best thing to do is get the help of a professional. Firstly visit your doctors and then plan out the kind of treatment plan you require. No matter how seriously injured you might be, our chiropractors can treat you. The best part, they provide you with chemical-free options. There is no risk involved, and you get better in a shorter period. Our specialists use adjustments and non-surgical methods to heal your body. Call our helpline today to set an appointment with our experienced chiropractors. They will examine your condition and treat you accordingly.

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