Dealing with Chest Contusions from Car Accidents in Columbus, GA

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Chest contusions can be deadly. If you recently witnessed a car accident in Columbus, GA, then you might have sustained multiple injuries. From whiplash to slipped discs and ligament tears, anything can be an outcome of an unwanted crash. Moreover, if you are in the front seat with the driver, you will sustain more bruises and cuts. Your legs, arms, chest, and all body parts suffer. A lot of individuals complain of chest pain as well. The chest cavity often swells up causing discomfort and difficulty in breathing. So, anyone who faces any kind of chest pain should get to a doctor immediately. There is a high chance that the pain is not due to stress but rather an indication of a chest contusion. Instead of putting your life at risk, it's better to get a thorough check-up. It also helps detect any internal bleeds and organ damage.

The city of Columbus, GA, experiences dozens of crashes daily. In 2019, the city recorded 20 fatalities from motor vehicle crashes. Drivers and pedestrians were both harmed in the process. Some individuals suffered for days, while others took months to recover from the shock. In such cases, if you feel any discomfort, then you need medical help. Chest pain after a crash gets worse with each passing day when left untreated. Instead of putting yourself at risk, get the right kind of help.

Chest Contusions After a Car Accident in Columbus, GA:

Many people are unable to identify the seriousness of their situation. Many crash victims think of their chest pain as a result of anxiety or stress whereas, in reality, it could be due to an injury. In a car crash, people experience huge force, and often at times, the sudden impact bruises the chest area. The bruising causes blood vessels to break, and you experience a burning sensation. It is known as a chest contusion. Blood starts to flow under the skin, so your chest area turns bluish-black. Even though some contusions heal on themselves, but for personal safety, it's better to get treated by a doctor. Along with chest contusions, a victim faces other serious injuries as well.

If someone feels chest pain, experiences swelling in the chest cavity, or finds it difficult to breathe on their own, it could be due to:

Pulmonary Contusion:

Developing pulmonary contusions after a massive crash is highly possible. The extreme force causes damage to blood vessels and can even result in internal bleeding. This blood flow creates problems for the lungs. People suffering from a pulmonary contusion or bruised lung feel difficulty in breathing. When the condition is not treated within time, it results in lung infections and respiratory damage.


A chest contusion can also lead to Hemothorax. It's a condition where the blood starts to accumulate between the chest wall and lungs. Patients suffering from this condition need to have their blood drained or else they might develop heart issues.


A crash can also cause tearing within the lungs. Due to the tears, the air is passed out from the organ, hence reducing pressure within it. In such a condition crash survivors have shortness of breath and pain. There is a high chance that the leakage of air might cause the lung to collapse. If that happens, your chances of survival decrease sharply. Pneumothorax or lung tears need immediate medical attention. Even a second's delay might cause permanent brain damage or a heart attack.

Organ Damage:

Chest pain can also be an indication of organ damage. The force experienced in a crash affects the entire upper region of the body. From your diaphragm to lungs and trachea anything can get affected in an accident.

Rib Fracture:

Minor and major rib fractures are unavoidable in a motor vehicle accident. Sometimes, they heal on themselves, but at times the issue could escalate. An extensive fracture might impact the functioning of the lungs. If that happens, you need to look at surgical options.

Why One Suffers from Bruising and Chest Contusions After a Crash:

In the majority of crashes, victims suffer from contusions and fractures. Some common reasons behind these injuries are:

  • Seatbelts: The impact of a crash causes you to move forward whereas, the seatbelt opposes the motion. It puts pressure on your chest.
  • Hitting the Steering or Dashboard: People hit their heads and upper body with the dashboard. It results in bruising and swelling of the chest cavity.
  • The Impact from the Airbag: As a result of a crash, the airbag opens automatically. Sometimes, it hits the driver causing them to get injured.

How Chiropractic Care Saves Your Life?

Car accidents in Columbus, GA, can turn your life upside down. Not only do they cause physical harm but mental trauma as well. Therefore, it's of utmost importance that you visit the best practitioners in town. Chiropractors speed up the healing process and provide relief without using surgical procedures. From correcting your spine to adjusting your back, these specialists can solve any problem. All you need to do is schedule an appointment for today, and our chiropractors will start with the treatment.

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