How Auto Accidents in Columbus, GA Can Cause Herniated Discs

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Auto accidents in Columbus, GA could lead to multiple types of injuries. One of these injuries could be a herniated disc. In this condition a crack forms in the tough outer layer of the cartilage. Cracking leads to soft inner cartilage protruding out of the disk. As a result, nerves running to the lower body are pinched causing constant pain.

Without proper treatment, the issue of a herniated disc cannot be resolved. Auto accidents in Columbus have a great impact on the body. Excessive force on the spine disrupts the alignment of the bone structure.

Columbus is a highly populated city with a high number of accidents each year. More than two-thirds of all fatal accidents are registered in Columbus. These auto accidents in Columbus result in injuries and each year more than 9,000 people become victims of these crashes. No matter what the reason might be, these crashes result in massive injuries. Therefore, individuals need to care for themselves and pay attention to the road.

How Auto Accidents in Columbus, GA Result in Herniated Disc Issues:

Dislocations and herniated discs can become persistent when not cared for. The spine consists of a complex network of vertebrae that are separated by vertebrae discs. It is the job of these discs to absorb strong impacts and prevent any kind of friction. During a sudden impact, our body is not able to cope with the pressure. It may cause the back to destabilize and the vertebrae bulge out of their proper alignment.

Depending on the impact of the force, one or more discs may move outward and bulge. That is why survivors of crashes face extreme back pain. Bulging discs also cause spinal fluids to leak. Usually, these injuries affect the lower back of a driver. If anyone faces back issues after an accident they need to immediately see a doctor. Only a professional can reverse a bulging disc and save victims from misery.

Treatment Methods for Herniated Disc Injuries in Columbus:

Chiropractors can easily fix the issue of bulging discs. It's what they do on a daily basis. However, before starting with any treatment plan, a doctor assesses the situation. Pain and its effect differ from person to person. A survivor of a major accident cannot be given the same treatment as a person who was in a minor rear-end collision. After a detailed check-up, it's easy to determine the point of pain and its severity.

There are different ways of treating herniated disk issues. Some reduce inflammation while some relieve pain. No matter what the treatment plan is, the result is the same, however. The following methods are used to align disks:

1. Adjustments:

Chiropractic adjustments are the most preferred treatment option. Through this process, chiropractors put localized pressure on the spine to move them back into their original position. It might sound a little scary but practitioners make it simple.

2. Electric Stimulation Therapy:

At AlaMed, professionals opt for this method when they want the patient to be rid of the pain quickly. Using a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS), an electric current is sent to the lower skin. The slight shock relieves pain and reduces built-up pressure.

3. Massaging the Spine and Lower back:

Massaging a person's body is an old and highly used technique. It provides instant pain relief and relieves muscle tightness. Even though it seems simple, but placing the herniated disc back into its place may not always be possible. It's mandatory to hire a chiropractor for massage therapy.

4. Spinal Decompression:

Through spinal decompression, chiropractors get rid of the excessive pressure on the nerve roots. Removing pressure helps the body to heal. Moreover, the pain also gradually disappears.

These are some simple ways of treating this form of injury. Some doctors also prescribe medication to patients to help them with the pain. Surgery may also be recommended in some cases.

Visiting the Best Therapists in Columbus, GA for Treatment:

The ratio of people facing back issues after an auto accident in Columbus, GA is quite high. Even small accidents can have detrimental after-effects. That is why never ignore your symptoms. Visit a doctor from the moment you start feeling pain in your back. Herniated disc or slipped disc is an issue that can get worse over time.

At AlaMed we have the best chiropractors who can perform necessary adjustments on your back. Even if someone needs a consultation, they can book an appointment and our doctors will perform a thorough body examination. Our clinic hires professionals who can solve a variety of back problems. Managing bulging discs is nothing new for them. Put your trust in us and let our experts treat your problems. Visit our clinic today or call us at our helpline to get the best advice possible.

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