Causes of Arm/Elbow Pain After a Columbus Car Accident

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A minor Columbus car accident can have an impact on a victim's life. Not only can they sustain physical injuries, but they can also experience trauma. Sometimes, people end up with fractures and cuts that make their lives miserable. Along with multiple injuries, these individuals have to pay medical bills and suffer due to another person's negligence. Car crashes impact your joints, muscles, and bones. Areas like the neck, back, and arms usually hurt a lot immediately after an accident. Therefore, if you feel a sharp pain in your body, especially in your arms or elbows, visit a doctor.

According to official reports, Columbus, GA, recorded more than 1000 car crash fatalities in 2013. Along with these deaths, more than 10,000 people suffered various kinds of injuries. Some lost their limbs, while some suffered months of pain and agony. With each passing year, the number of deaths multiplies, which is an alarming situation. In such circumstances, people should know about accident-related injuries and how to deal with them. After an accident, you might feel dizzy, nauseous, or weak. Never ignore these symptoms because they can be an indication that something is not right in your body.

How a Columbus Car Accident Can Cause an Arm or Elbow Injury:

Arm pain after a Columbus car accident is a common issue. You might have hit your arm on the windshield or the steering. The impact damages the arm muscle or fractures the bone, which results in immense pain. Another way of injuring your arm is when you protect yourself with the help of your arms. Gripping the steering too tightly or using your hands to balance yourself severely affects the nerves of your arms and shoulders.

Whiplash movement of the neck and back can also become a reason for such pains. With the sudden shifting of the discs, your nerves might get overstretched. The spine and neck connect the arms and shoulders. So, if one area feels pain, the sensation reaches other parts as well.

Types of Arm Injuries After a Crash:

Arm and shoulder injuries include the following types:

  • Arm Fracture:

If any bone in your arm breaks, then you will feel extreme pressure and pain. Arm fractures are common after both minor and major accidents.

  • Humerus Fracture:

A fracture involving the Humerus bone is called a Humerus fracture. In case of a major collision, it's easy for the bone to break at several points. Along with fractures, if the bone shifts out of position, then you might need surgery.

  • Brachial Plexus Injury:

This injury relates to a damaged nerve. The brachial plexus is a bunch of nerves connecting the shoulder to the arms and hands. If these nerves are overstretched or injured, severe pain is felt in the arm.

  • Radius/Ulna Fracture:

The radius and ulna are two long bones present in the lower arm. These two bones can twist or fracture, resulting in an extreme amount of discomfort. To treat these bones, your doctor will either recommend a cast or surgical correction.

  • Olecranon Fracture:

Olecranon is part of the elbow connecting with the ulna. It's easy for olecranon to dislocate after a crash. Sometimes, the impact can even leave the bone cracked or damaged.

  • Elbow Ligament Damage:

The human arm has all sorts of ligaments. One of them is the elbow ligament that makes arm movements smooth. However, car accidents causing damage to the arm can also damage the ligament present within the elbow joint.

  • Elbow Dislocation:

Extreme forces experienced in a crash dislocate shoulders as well as elbows. A dislocated body part is easy to fix when treated timely.

Treating Arm Pain With the Best Methods:

The type of injury determines the treatment option. For this reason, crash survivors must get medical attention as soon as possible. Only a trained physician can point out the problem and suggest a suitable solution. They will firstly perform necessary tests and x-rays to find the root of the problem. Once they confirm the damage, they will start with treatment. Some injuries can heal on themselves, so they are not treated. However, if there is extreme damage to the bones, ligaments, or joints, your doctor will suggest some medicine or procedure.

Visit the Best Practitioners in the City:

If you are a survivor of a Columbus car accident and feel pain in your arms or shoulder, visit our specialists in Columbus. They perform a thorough body checkup and come up with the best treatment plan. Our specialists are trained individuals with years of experience. So no matter how complex the issue might be, our team knows how to solve it. Get your appointment today and rid yourself of unwanted pain.

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